Saturday, April 20
Saturday of Lazarus - Divine Liturgy  10:00AM
Pancake breakfast, Palm-weaving

Sunday, April 21
Palm Sunday – Palm Sunday Liturgy  10:00AM
AHEPA Fish Plaki dinner
1st Bridegroom Service  6:30PM
Metropolitan Nicholas is scheduled to join us for this service

Monday, April 22
Holy Monday - 2nd Bridegroom Service  6:30PM

Tuesday, April 23
Holy Tuesday - 3rd Bridegroom Service  6:30PM
Hymn of Cassiane

Wednesday, April 24
Holy Wednesday - Holy Unction Service  4:00PM
Anointing will continue until 6:15PM

Thursday, April 25
Holy Thursday - Institution of the Eucharist  10:00AM
Twelve Gospels 6:30PM

Friday, April 26
Holy Friday - Royal Hours  9:00AM
Decoration of the Epitaphion  11:00AM
Vespers of Apokathelosis  4:00PM
Lamentations 6:30PM

Saturday, April 27
Holy Saturday - Divine Liturgy  10:00AM
Wrapping of Red Eggs  12:00PM
Paschal Vigil 11:00PM

Sunday, April 28
Holy Pascha - Vespers of Agape  12:00PM
Easter egg hunt for children following


Your donation of dyed red eggs for Pascha can be received before or after any service this week by giving your carton to a Parish Council member at the Candle Stand.  

All Parishioners - and especially children - are invited to join in for the folding of palm crosses on Lazarus Saturday, the decoration of the Epitaphion on Holy Friday, and the wrapping of eggs on Holy Saturday.