Parish Leadership

With the spiritual leadership and guidance of Father Mark, the Parish Council implements and administers the programs, policies and affairs of the parish.

The Council consists of 12 members in good standing, elected by the parish stewards, and Father Mark, as spiritual leader, serving as an ex officio member. The Parish Council also convenes meetings of the Parish Assembly to which all stewards are called to attend.

Parish Council members along with Fr. Mark are engaged in the parish's day to day functioning. Among their duties are to oversee: property maintenance, financial management, long range planning, educational programs and fellowship activities of the parish. Most of this work is done at the committee level.

Every two years (even-numbered years), members of the Clergy and the Laity from all across the Archiocese convene for an Archdiocesan Clergy-Laity Congress where additional administrative policy work of the Greek Orthodox Church is performed. For more details, refer to the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese's Uniform Parish Regulations.

The Parish Council meets on the second Monday of each month at 7:00 pm in the AHEPA Room.

2019 Parish Council Members